Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gah... V3.2 Patch

Same deal as before. Grab just the exe here, or the whole demo from the side bar.


What changed?
-FIX game freeze after you pass the first enemy
-FIX screen tearing when lava speed is set to an odd number and the view is set to follow it instead of the player
-FIX 'jumpy' lava when the view is bound to follow it
-FIX screen tearing during the tower-shaking effect
-FIX after you get struck by lightning, the skeleton sprite slowly going off screen
-FIX main menu music plays even though bgm is off
-FIX particles being drawn off screen until you move the view after you die


  1. I'm getting a floating point overflow error.
    What am I doing wrong?
    running on Windows 7 x64 16gb RAM
    ATI Radeon 6970

    1. I also tried running in a Windows XP VM, but had a different error about not having a display with the correct features?

    2. After reading through some google results--you'd have to change your ati card drivers. Both those errors are essentially the same, and both pop up with certain ati gfx cards when running certain gm games. Updating (or downgrading, in some cases) the drivers seems to fix the problem for some people. Here's one of the topics:

      I hope that helps.

    3. Oh, and it can also happen due to your ccc settings, so try to fiddle around with those first. Here's a quote from one forum:

      "If you are still having problems with GM games, I found a solution in like.. 2 seconds.

      I had this problem 5 minutes ago. Posted in Spelunky's forums thinking it was that particular game. The game worked one day, and not the next. Okay, well:

      I decided to mess around with ATi's Catalyst Control Center. It turns out that 4x Anti Aliasing was causing the problem. I put it back down to 2x AA, and the problem disappeared. Experiment with your settings next time you run into that problem, and see what works for you. Enjoy!"

    4. turning off AA got it going.
      How do you exit to the main menu from a tower when you are tired of being crispied by the lava?

    5. Glad to hear.

      Press escape, and then choose exit.