Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gah... V3.2 Patch

Same deal as before. Grab just the exe here, or the whole demo from the side bar.


What changed?
-FIX game freeze after you pass the first enemy
-FIX screen tearing when lava speed is set to an odd number and the view is set to follow it instead of the player
-FIX 'jumpy' lava when the view is bound to follow it
-FIX screen tearing during the tower-shaking effect
-FIX after you get struck by lightning, the skeleton sprite slowly going off screen
-FIX main menu music plays even though bgm is off
-FIX particles being drawn off screen until you move the view after you die

Friday, June 28, 2013

V3.1 Patch

Just some bug fixes for stuff that people reported yesterday. The links in this post lead to the patch only! You have to replace the exe file in your original pendulum directory with this one. And if you want to grab the whole demo, I've updated the links in the side bar and in my previous post.


What changed?
-FIX got rid of a bug that would lead to a 'sprite doesn't exist' error for some people
-FIX during the initial dialog ,when playing infinite mode, your highscore now won't disappear too early

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Concept Demo v3

Sorry for the delay--I was derailed by some incredibly good weather for like a week after my last post, and after finally sobering up, fixing bugs took a lot longer than I expected (well, not really, because in the end I chose to try and keep every single trivial visual-feature while rewriting the drawing engine, and guess what--it was worth it). Bug reports and feedback are both very welcome. Also, if you tried playing the earlier build(s) and experienced anything weird, it would be great if you'd try this one out and let me know if it works fine.


What changed?
-NEW highscore system (after you complete a stage, you can play it in 'infinite' mode, accessible through the main menu [play->stage->infinite])
-NEW brutal mode (accessible after you beat the game in story mode, though I doubt anyone will get beyond the fourth stage before checkpoints are implemented)
-NEW mapped-out stage settings (haven't included anything stage specific, content wise, beyond the first stage yet, though--but the overall flow of each stage is implemented)
-NEW main menu
-NEW gallery (unlocked after you complete the first stage, you can see the climax after the regular rape animation has looped a few times, and you can check the [sometimes vague] unlock conditions for the sprites you can unlock [based on your overall progress])
-NEW adult content warning (pre-menu)
-NEW logo screen (pre-menu)
-NEW options (customizable controls, screen modes, sfx and bgm switches--see the options sub-menu)
-NEW save-file system (everything but the config file is obfuscated, and the files will be overwritten with default values even if a single sign doesn't match, so try not to fiddle with those files, or at least make a backup before doing so)
-FIX changed the way the game handles sound file encryption (this definitely fixes missing sounds from occurring, and the occasional 'couldn't define external function' error--fingers crossed for it not breaking something else)
-FIX basically rewrote the entire drawing engine (this will fix the layering glitches once and for all, and I sincerely hope it'll also stop layers from disappearing for those two or three people with systems running on charcoal instead of electricity)
-FIX a handful of tweaks not worth listing

And to keep the summary short--the plan for the next (pre-release) demo is basically a bunch of technicalities, revised dialog system (you'll be able to choose whether dialogs are displayed in text, or image form), checkpoint system, second-stage content, and the first few cutscenes. It might take me a week or two, depending on how long it'll take me to decide on the style and form of the cutscenes (I already decided what the story is, but it'll be a bit tricky to introduce it to the player without confusing him too much).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a quickie.

Watch out guys, we've got a badass over here.

Just dropping in to say that the next release is coming soon. I really wanted to have the second stage completely ready by then, but I got sidetracked by working on basically everything except the second stage. So I'll have to release another demo before I put any real new content in, mainly because of the few people that are experiencing graphical glitches and/or sounds not being able to load in the current build.

I've already resolved the sound problem, without having to revert to wav files and GM's shitty native sound mechanism, courtesy of me finally figuring out how to encrypt any kind  of external file using GM's built-in functions only. I'm saving the surface glitch (which is causing the graphics to go apeshit on some systems) for last, because some visual effects will probably have to go, and I still can't decide whether I should waste days of work for a slight chance they could stay. I'll have to make up my mind by tomorrow, though, because my to-do list is growing dangerously thin with each hour.

Glitches aside, throughout the past few days I've done a whole lot of work with the game. The whole game loop is done, the soundtrack and all sounds are already recorded, all stages are mapped out and integrated into the game (also fully designed, I just need to draw the backgrounds and enemies), the gallery is done, separate game modes are done, highscore system is done, obfuscated-save-files system, awesome main menu, all extras unlock conditions, options, company intro, adult-content reminder screen, etc.--you name it, it's probably done and fully integrated. Just need to give some finishing touches here and there, then take out the surface-glitch monster, and then I can release the third demo.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pendulum--Concept Demo v2


What changed?
-NEW extended debug menu (turn it on and off with the F1 key)
-NEW scaled and fullscreen modes (press F4 to rotate through modes)
-NEW victory sex stage (this will probably also serve as the gallery)
-NEW lives system (there's no game over, but you'll get a chance to watch the victory scenes only if you did well on a stage, as in you didn't die too many times--if someone cares, the amount of lives you get is calculated when stage height is (re)set, so you can watch the scene by turning height off and on through the debug menu, then finishing the stage)
-NEW double jump (off by default--switch in debug menu)
-NEW pausing
-NEW the screen can now be set to move relatively to the lava instead of the player (debug menu)
-NEW ambient visual effects (debug menu)
-NEW stage completion/transitions (there's only one stage, still)
-NEW stage one victory sex scene
-NEW sex climax (pink room/gallery only)
-NEW gallery music
-NEW loading screen (placeholder)
-FIX changed to a different encryption plugin, missing sounds shouldn't occur now (and if they do, it'll throw out an error message)
-FIX post-rape dialogs play at random chance
-FIX broke the one variable responsible for overall difficulty into a couple of variables for easy stage customization
-FIX a whole list of minor tweaks, techy stuff nobody cares about, and things I simply forgot

Let me know about any problems you might be having. Criticism and praise are also very welcome.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to the pink lodge.

Feeling a little grumpy today.

Today I went batshit to get everything finished, doing my usual routine of rushing through brick walls like it was nothing, and saving the seemingly least time consuming stuff for last. And of course, as it usually is with my routine, when I faced the one last thing on my list (drawing the graphics set for the lodge/that thing in the picture), my mental incompetence for things you shouldn't even have to think about kicked in. I've wasted over five hours drawing  a single background image, on top of the one I already had and ended up using (even though I don't like it). Take that, brain!

So basically all's done and ready to be served. Well, not entirely, since I still have to run some bug tests, but it's all downhill from here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

In for the hurt.

It's just me playing around on the game's highest difficulty settings (watch in full size on youtube), showing off a handful of new mechanics that made it into the new build. I only had a few hours to spend on making progress with the game throughout the weekend, so I didn't quite finish everything I wanted to for the next release yet--I'm getting there, though.

That being said, all that's really left is to make the first victory sex scene and add a few more placeholder dialogs for when you finish a stage (which take like a minute to produce, each, so it's really just the sex stuff that's left). Let's hope I won't have to deal with any more power outages before the next demo is out.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stuff has to be done, probably.

I've spent some time optimizing audio/visual effects associated with the double jump ability, to the point I'm happy with, so I call it done.

There are still a few things on my to-do list I need to implement before I can release the next demo. Basically I want to have the gameplay engine entirely finished, and I'm very close to that point already, since I only have to add stuff like ambient visual effects, screen shaking (for a sequence where the tower is collapsing, think explosions), pausing, victory sex, and finish up stage transitions. It shouldn't take longer than a few days, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hope you'll enjoy.

I've been working on this tower-platforming game called Pendulum for a handful of weeks now, shaping and polishing core mechanics. You can expect a fun little game, sprite sex, and a lot of win. There's not much content as of now, just one stage (which loops infinitely), enemy, and rape animation.

You can find download links for the latest build in the latest demo section (if you can't see it from here, scroll up). Also, if you're into this kind of stuff, you can use a few debug-mode features by first hitting the F1 key, then some other keys to make stuff happen (just read the GUI).

After first releasing this build, people with different OSs reported having problems getting the game to run as intended. Since then, I've fixed the layering glitch that everyone seemed to experience on 32 bit windows. I can't really test the game on win XP, so if you still experience any glitches (eg. no sounds during the rape animation) just drop me a line.