Monday, September 9, 2013

DLsite, other stuff

So Pendulum hit DLsite a few days ago, and I completely forgot to mention it. Keep in mind that the game is a lot cheaper if you buy it through my blog/paypal.

I don't expect to get much copies sold through that, but it's always better than nothing. As for paypal sales--it's going surprisingly well, actually. I'm getting slow-but-steady income for now, though I'm still not even halfway to my 1,000 copies goal.

I took the entire previous week off to recharge my batteries, so I can finally start actually promoting my game. Since I didn't put any straight-up porn into the game, I'm quite excited for this because I can start a marketing campaign on indie-game sites instead of sites exclusively dealing with hentai stuff. Except for that I'm taking the rest of september off, then it's back to work. I've been kicking a few game concepts around--I'll make a post at the end of the month about the one I'll go with for my next game.

Also, words of gratitude go to all the devs that helped me get some attention by mentioning/linking me on their blogs--thank you very much!