Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a quickie.

Watch out guys, we've got a badass over here.

Just dropping in to say that the next release is coming soon. I really wanted to have the second stage completely ready by then, but I got sidetracked by working on basically everything except the second stage. So I'll have to release another demo before I put any real new content in, mainly because of the few people that are experiencing graphical glitches and/or sounds not being able to load in the current build.

I've already resolved the sound problem, without having to revert to wav files and GM's shitty native sound mechanism, courtesy of me finally figuring out how to encrypt any kind  of external file using GM's built-in functions only. I'm saving the surface glitch (which is causing the graphics to go apeshit on some systems) for last, because some visual effects will probably have to go, and I still can't decide whether I should waste days of work for a slight chance they could stay. I'll have to make up my mind by tomorrow, though, because my to-do list is growing dangerously thin with each hour.

Glitches aside, throughout the past few days I've done a whole lot of work with the game. The whole game loop is done, the soundtrack and all sounds are already recorded, all stages are mapped out and integrated into the game (also fully designed, I just need to draw the backgrounds and enemies), the gallery is done, separate game modes are done, highscore system is done, obfuscated-save-files system, awesome main menu, all extras unlock conditions, options, company intro, adult-content reminder screen, etc.--you name it, it's probably done and fully integrated. Just need to give some finishing touches here and there, then take out the surface-glitch monster, and then I can release the third demo.

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