Friday, August 30, 2013

Pendulum now on sale

So, finally, Pendulum is finished and up for sale. I wanted to make some stupid pun about making it rain, but the price is set to only $3.50, and given my (oh, so typical) goal of a thousand sales, that'll hardly buy me one bengal tiger. So yeah--no pun.

You can download the demo, read the game's description, and find the store url, all on the page linked above. If you've decided that you absolutely want to buy the game, make sure you also read the instructions (yep, on the same page). And if you're wondering why in hell would I leave a file that blocks all hentai content in the game package--I had to jump through extra hoops to make sure the game appears to be hentai-free at first glance, after hearing about paypal cutting Kajio off, and that's basically the first countermeasure that popped into my head. So just read those instructions and you won't have to worry about that.


  1. Any chance a Mac version would be in the works or is there a way around playing an exe on an OSX?

    1. The game won't work on a mac, even if you use a windows VM, because the original GM uses DDraw for display and osx only supports OpenGL. This will be fixed once I make the transition to GMS with my next game, but I'm not holding any promises for Pendulum.