Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some more early creatures and a couple other things.

Again, these are all just me fiddling around trying to get some creativity flowing, nothing is final and in fact none of these made the cut to the first few creatures in game.
Some cyclopean midgets, I kind of like'em.
I'm not even sure what this reminds me of.
I would like to include a demon kind of like this somewhere, as a homage to the demon George Kamitami includes in all his games.
Always wanted to animate a green naked dryad for some reason. Ent thing is kinda uninspired tho.
Spooder Gurl.
Random idea for the ghost: possession to make the main char use that big ass hand on herself = fun fun. Also, octopus girl and muscular doggy.

A small size chart I made for some of the first npcs, here we have regular humans and elves, so yeah, half life 3 confirmed. Goat girl is my homage to the pookas in Odin Sphere, hopefully we can fit them somewhere (preferably somewhere they will get fucked)
My theory crafting regarding clothing destruction, because it's kinda awesome. If we are able or not to include this is tied to some tech stuff. Hair was a test here and now we moved back to be more like the original posting of the character. Also, besides sketchy lines, some misproportion here and there and some color adjustments, hopefully this is how ingame sprites will look, maybe I can post a teaser of game sprites on the next update on visuals.
 I know almost all of the creatures I have posted so far are mostly humanoid, I will try to come up with some less human stuff for the next update on visuals.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming people, we are reading all of them, and you never know if one of yours may end up in the game.


  1. As usual i love the concept sketch, it really be cool if the clothing destruction can be featured in the game.

  2. Clothing damage is good, but it would be great if there was a way to get the porn without having to lose or handicap yourself. An old flaw from ROR games where you can't win the game and see all of the sweet action going at the same time.

    Beating an enemy into submission should give you some way to enjoy them, and "rape with tentacle hand" would definitely be an option, but how about some "force yourself on them" with that. :)
    You can even have different stat boosts if you do it with your morphed limb or if you handle it in a more bodily fashion, all while remaining positive character growth. Losses would net appropriate debuffs to punish the player, but sex happens both ways.

    This also leads to a wider gamut of possible endings (sex slave, heroic purificator, queen of monsters, and so on...) and corresponding added replay value.

    Couple cents thrown in ! Keep up the good work guys.

    1. I will look into making sex available during all stages of clothing, it is possible but in the end it's a matter of time, there's only so much a single animator can do, so if it proves to be way too time consuming then it's simply not worth it.

      Having sex go both ways ends up being a matter of resources again, since animation takes quite a while to make, and having you being able to rape back your enemies will mean 2x the amount of animations, which would end up in having less enemies in general.

      It's a nice concept and maybe in the future when we have more resources to work from we may look into making something similar.

  3. Seriously, I love your artwork. What you have and can do, is a pretty good example of what I want to reach one day.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Set yourself higher goals, what I can do is not that hard with some dedication and a few years of practice.

      And learn where to look for learning material, since most drawing books out there are pure trash.

  4. this is awesome, can't wait for (at least) a demo *_*

    1. We are almost still on preproduction, so a demo might be a bit far off, but hopefully we can get something nice within this year.

    2. well whenever it comes out i know what i'm going to do lol,

  5. I think the spider girl has too much spider, not enough girl. Maybe it's the size? Either way, I get more of a "horror" vibe than any sort of sexuality vibe. That idea itself may be alright, but... idunno, the spider girl gives off some vibe that I don't want to feel from a game with h-content, whatever that vibe may be.

  6. I have a few questions on the protagonist, Does she have a name yet or a rough personality? And is her arm able to modify into anything? And would you take offense to people trying to draw more of her?

    As for the colossus, i have a suggestion. Maybe it could be a two part fight where the colossus moves slowly and is vulnerable from the back. Then when the larger form is defeated, the female emerges and is slightly faster and more agile (I also think that the female in the colossus is kinda big into making females into her own kind of pets, but that's another story.).

  7. First of all
    i would love to draw like you <3

    i have an idea for the "Spooder Gurl"
    there could be mobs for her which are smaller, have slightly shorter hair, a lot smaller body, still the same amount of legs but they can crawl on the cave-walls and have tentacles coming out of their back or stomach (they can probably stay ranged and shot tentacles?)
    im looking forward to see more of these super cool monsters <3

  8. I wonder if he still pretend to continue this project, I liked the art so badly :c