Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Almost there.

Bee or butterfly?

Stage two is almost ready--the stage itself and the victory sex sprites are done, but the enemy is missing. I'll have to take the next few days off, since I got a ninja offer to design an online footwear store, and money's tight right now so I couldn't say no. My point being--if there's any nature-themed enemy you'd like to see in this stage, now is the time for suggestions. The only restriction is that it has to be a flying enemy. Personally, I'm thinking either bee or butterfly lady.

So anyway, the game is in its final development days (as in the whole game). From here, I don't have to write any code in addition to what I already have (unless something breaks again), nor do I have to produce any sounds or design anything. Now I only have to draw and, well, that's it, so it's downhill from here. For the past week I was also handling stuff on the business end--I'll rather take care of this now, so that I don't make any stupid mistakes once the game is ready and I'll be all like OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD about publishing it within the next five minutes.


  1. Idea list:
    -harpy (robin, song bird, jay, crow, humming bird, bird of prey)
    -flying squirrel
    -dragon fly
    -Some sort of plant girl, possibly floats on the air, or swings on a vine.

  2. *sees nature-themed enemy part* oh a alraune (flower woman) wait *sees flying enemy restriction* oh lol^^|

    well i have 2 (if you are making them human, or close to human sized) a harpy or a fairy ^^ (but out of the 2 i would rather see a harpy but a fairy would fit better with the theme)

  3. Tomorrow I should start working on the game again. I don't want to make anything birdlike for this stage, since I've already decided upon the remaining enemies and it would look and feel essentially the same as one of them. I like the dragonfly and fairy ideas, so I think it's best for me to draw them together with those I had in mind and pick the one that fits best with the stage.

  4. Just a random thought, could a plant enemy anchored to the wall able to stretch horizontally across the level count as flying?

    1. This would work, but the enemy is already done and the demo should be out by tomorrow at the latest.