Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pendulum Demo V4


What changed?
-NEW stage two
-NEW checkpoint system
-NEW stage intro icons
-NEW option to turn text (dialogs) on/off
-NEW stage-specific dialog pools
-NEW icon
-NEW loading bar
-NEW censoring (like the genitals weren't obscure enough already)
-FIX surfaces getting destroyed after native Windows screen-refresh (eg. when you enter task manager on win7)
-FIX sounds not loading, not playing, and/or ending abruptly on x86 systems
-FIX float overflow error will now give you clear instructions on what to do to prevent it from occuring again (this error pops up with certain ATI cards if you set anti-aliasing above x2)
-FIX minor fixes and adjustments not worth listing

First of all I'm really sorry about the ridiculous delay. I keep running into financial problems, trying to solve them by accepting any contracts I can get my hands on, working part-time jobs, and whatnot, so you have to understand that the amount of time I can afford to waste on this game is very limited. On top of that, something--how do I put it subtly--extreme occured last month, and it seems I still can't quite handle the situation, since every time I sit down to work my head is only full of fuck. I had the demo ready like a week ago and I only had to upload it and write this post to release it, so you can imagine in what state of mind I'm currently in. I think I'm getting better now... Oh look, I'm writing this post!

As for the game--this is the last public demo I'll release, unless some new bugs pop up in need of fixing (patches count?). I'll be releasing teasers as I complete each stage, though. I had to cut out some features that only after actually completing them I had the chance to see and say they look like shit with this art style (image dialogs, I'm looking at you), and I had to cut out some things I really wanted to have in the game but time just won't let me (cutscenes--bye bye), since I absolutely have to release it before the end of august. Also, I'll hold off putting the demo up on dlsite until the whole game is ready, since I already started getting some major traffic from Asia, for some reason.


  1. >for some reason.

    Because it's pretty fun, I'd wager. :3

  2. Somehow manages to be really fun gameplay to an extent and then the Hentai part of it is lacking a tiny bit in my opinion.

    I know this is a demo but something doesnt seem right with it. I got licked and the creature got exploded. Where was the punishment for the play for allowing himself to get caught? Where was the way for me to get out of the hold without waiting? I think when you get caught you should be given a chance to escape and then lightning strikes or if you fail well somehow you die to the monster that caught you.

    And on the hentai side the most you have is tits showing, granted i dont know how to get the other 2 scenes but just my opinion on the game definitely tracking this progress of this :)

    1. Welp did the no miss challenge and see why theres a bigger deal :) just wish there was a scene for if you got caught by one of the monster girl things. Instead of licking my crotch or patting my crotch and holding me in the air for the pervert on the intercom to see. Granted i shouldnt be talking about perversion when im playing a hentai game.

    2. >Where was the punishment for the play for allowing himself to get caught?
      I always consider the learning curve when designing my games--making the player learn stuff only one step at a time. In the first stage you only have to get the very basics, and then in the second one, when lava is introduced, you understand why getting caught is bad.

      >just wish there was a scene for if you got caught by one of the monster girl things
      Well, I did this on purpose. In the stage, you're there for the monster girls to play with, and it's the other way around when you no miss a stage.

  3. Don't apologize for failing to provide free, unsolicited content over the internet.

    You are stressing yourself out over something you shouldn't.

    1. You're right. Then again, overthinking is kinda my thing.